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Building the Perfect Short Game DVD Series

This is the most extensive and easy to learn short game series you will find.  Plus the Learning the Perfect Swing DVD gives you a simple swing that will increase distance immediately.  Chuck Cook is rated as the 6th Greatest Teacher of 20th Century by Golf Digest.  The coach of Payne Stewart, Corey Pavin and Tom Kite brings together his extensive knowledge in this complete DVD series. 

You get three disks including Building the Perfect Swing with three drills to build your swing from the ground up. Building the Perfect Short Game includes two disks with over twenty separate drills to help you with putting, chipping and bunker play.

Purchase 3 DVD Set with BONUS "Building the Perfect Golf Swing" for $39.95


Here's an excerpt from the DVD Series

Ultimate Straight and Extreme Distance Golf Balls

As seen on GOLF LIFE TV

Try them Risk Free for ONLY $19.95

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These are the straightest balls you can buy with self correcting technology that really works. We have tested this golf ball extensively on Golf Life. It helps golfers who his a slice or hook to hit the ball in the fairway and enjoy the game. We believe in the Ultimate Straight Golf Ball so much we are selling them here at a discounted TV OFFER. We even provide a guarantee that if you don't hit them straighter than your normal golf ball, we will return your money, no questions asked.

This golf ball are designed for the recreational golfer whose main problem is significant and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. These self-correcting golf balls are designed to correct hooks and slices by as much as 75%! This means that if you slice a regular golf ball 100 feet, the exact same swing with our anti-slice golf ball would only slice about 25 feet – improving your golf game and leaving you in the fairway instead of the rough. The Ultimate Straight has a dimple pattern that makes the ball “self correcting”. 
A key component of how these balls fly so straight is that they exhibit less aerodynamic lift than other golf balls. This has the nice benefit of reducing hooks and fixing slices, but will also result in lower than normal ball flight. Because of this lower than normal ball flight we recommend that you use your 3-wood or a driver with more loft than normal (12 degrees or higher) off the tee.

You may have seen the Ultimate Straight Golf Ball featured on Golf Life Television.  The 2-piece XD (Extra Distance) golf ball reduces hooks and slices by up to 50% and is designed for Maximum Distance.  Get yours today and dramatically improve your golf game! Each box contains 12 golf balls.